The main advantage of BetVisa is the variety of bets available on a wide range of sports, from football to basketball to ice hockey. You can bet on many aspects of the game.

We have recognized the ergonomics of the great online sports betting sites. An easy to take in hand and intuitive use. Nothing revolutionary, but still effective. As for the design, BetVisa has evolved well since its beginnings under the name Pasinobet. We notice here a clear improvement!

As for the odds, they are in the low average of the market. However, we remain hopeful especially during major events during which BetVisa Bangladesh raises the level.


BetVisa advantages: What we liked about the BetVisa Bangladesh welcome bonus is its simplicity. It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but its simplicity makes it an ideal option for beginners. It is a refund in free bets if your first bet loses. The refund is made in two installments.

Finally, the bookmaker often offers promotions on social networks. So follow the bookmaker on Twitter, and try to win freebets, tickets for matches and much more.

BetVisa disadvantages: BetVisa does not offer the highest level of odds, far from it. The bookmaker makes an effort during major events like the Euro, the World Cup or Roland Garros. But it has never reached the level of the giants of the field.

We were also disappointed by the lack of certain features on BetVisa. In particular a livestream option which is increasingly appreciated by punters.

The last major drawback of the bookmaker is the lack of the almost indispensable deposit method PayPal. The bookmaker seems to offer it at the bottom of the page, but the option is not available once you want to deposit.


BetVisa catalog offers a wide choice of sports on which you can bet on the majority of sports authorized by the National Gaming Authority (NGA). We were also impressed by the number of types of bets available at BetVisa.

Experienced bettors, on the other hand, will not be really impressed by the level of odds offered. All is not lost though, as the bookmaker regularly boosts its odds during major sporting events.


The BetVisa welcome offer is fairly standard compared to other sports betting sites. Many will appreciate the free bet refund. You can indeed enjoy a 100% refund on your first bet if it loses. BetVisa requires a bet between 200 BDT and 10000 BDT, nothing too restrictive.

Note that the refund will be in two parts:

  • 50% with a first free bet when your bet is over (and lost).
  • 50% with a second free bet after the final validation of your account.

Please note that once the free bet is credited to your account, you only have one week to play it.

BetVisa Welcome Bonus Up to 10000 BDT

  1. Register on the BetVisa website by clicking on the link below 
  2. Send your documents to have your account validated quickly
  3. Play your first bet
  4. Receive the same amount in two freebets if you lose your bet.


Access to the bonus

  • The bonus is available only once per customer, and is only available for one player account per person, family, home, computer, and IP address.
  • The welcome bonus is only available for the first deposit and the first bet.
  • Players who have already received the Welcome Bonus will not be eligible for this offer.
  • Bets placed with free bets, cancelled bets, system bets and cash out bets are not eligible for this offer.
  • In case of suspected fraud, BetVisa reserves the right not to award the welcome bonus.


BetVisa allows you to bet on more than forty sports with the majority of the catalog of sports authorized by the Curacao gambling commission.

The competitions offered are also quite numerous, especially for football and basketball. But where BetVisa stands out is with its catalog of betting types. The bookmaker always offers a wide range of betting types for all sports. A consistency that is appreciated.


As we have already detailed, the catalog of competitions and sports of the bookmaker is impressive. But it is even more impressive when it comes to football betting. You can find more than 400 types of bets available for betting on football.


The basketball offer is the second best of the site after football, with more than a hundred betting offers available on most of the world competitions, with the NBA in the spotlight. But also the NCAA and some European competitions are not left out.

In all, you can find more than 88 basketball competitions available for betting.


The options for rugby XV bettors are a bit limited at BetVisa. They are even more so for XII or VII rugby, for those of you who want to bet on these competitions, it might be better to keep the bookmaker as an option for other sports.


You will be able to bet on different aspects of the matches, such as the result of the match, the exact score, the total number of points. But also the goal handicap, the score at half-time, the double chance option, etc.

The variety of bets depends on the popularity and specificity of the sport on which you want to place your bets.

On average, there are about twenty bets available on each match. Hats off to the Bangladeshi bookmaker who manages to stand out with this constant offer.


The strategy chosen by BetVisa is obviously not to be noticed with attractive odds. For the moment, the bookmaker’s odds are in the low end of the market. Experienced bettors will not be really impressed by the level of the odds, far behind Winamax or Unibet. However, all is not lost, the bookmaker regularly boosts its odds during major sporting events, including some League 1 matches.


The user experience on BetVisa varies from one platform to another. If you use your computer to place your bets you will be a little disappointed by the unintuitive navigation.

On the other hand, the use on mobile or on the app is much better. The sports scroll much faster, and you can see more than one sport at a time. We also liked the ability to select our favorite bets and have them at hand.

Overall the BetVisa usability is very similar to the Vbet betting site (both sites share the same CMS). So the bookmakers have some of their disadvantages in common, especially on the computer.


BetVisa offers you the usual features of online sports betting sites, but also some exclusive new ones.

  • BetVisa cash out

Experienced bettors will recognize this version of the cash out feature which allows you to secure your winnings if a match does not go as planned. All you have to do is make sure that the $ sign is available on the bet you wish to place.

  • BetVisa Safe Combinated bets

This feature is only available on football bets. If one of your bets loses your entire combination bet, a portion of your bet will be “refunded” in a free bet of up to 2000 bdt. This will give you some insurance on your combined bets, a rare offer and therefore very valuable. You will need to place a combination bet with 5 or more selections and odds of at least 1.5 to qualify.


Easy to use application, the ergonomics are more intuitive than the PC version. The fact that there is only one horizontal menu for sports is not ideal, but we are looking for the little beast. BetVisa is not one of the best sports betting applications, but don’t pass by too quickly.

  • BetVisa application on the App Store 

The BetVisa app is available on iOS. We also noticed that the user reviews on this one are largely positive. A rare fact for online betting applications!

To download the app, you just need to log into your device’s Apple account and click on the “download” tab near BetVisa. Users have rated it 3.2/5 on the App Store.

  • BetVisa application on Android 

The application is also available for download on the Google Play store. The rating given by users is 2.5/5.

It is important to take into account that Android users are always a bit harder in their comments and rating on the Google Play Store.


BetVisa still has some progress to make in terms of the payment methods available. The site does not offer PayPal, an option that is nowadays almost indispensable for online gamblers. However, there are other payment options available.

For your deposits you can use:

  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafe

Please note that for withdrawals only bank transfers are available. This is the case for all bookmakers approved by the Curacao.


Is BetVisa a good site for beginners?

Yes, during our test we concluded that BetVisa is a good option for beginners. One of the reasons for this is the ease of use. From the first time we opened the site, we could notice the ergonomics and design of the big online sports betting sites. Some details could be improved, but the use remains intuitive.

Is there a BetVisa promo code?

No, BetVisa does not offer any promo code at the moment. You can even take advantage of the welcome bonus by clicking on our green link.

Is PayPal available on BetVisa?

No, unfortunately PayPal is not available on the website or the application at this time. However, you can deposit to your account with :
Credit card
Bank transfer

Does BetVisa have a referral offer?

Yes, by telling your friends about BetVisa, you can each get 1000 BDT of free bets. You will have to share with your friends the registration link available in the referral tab. This promotion can be combined with the welcome bonus for you and your friends.

Is BetVisa legal?

BetVisa has been registered with the Curacao Gambling Commission. Please note that we only offer links to legal and registered sites.


If you’ve read this far, you’ll have understood that the main advantage of BetVisa is its betting offer. Wide choice of sports, but also and above all types of bets. You will find all your favorite sports and bets.

The analysis of the odds on the other hand is less positive. Indeed, the bookmaker is currently not up to the rest of the market. Boosts are to be noted during certain events, but nothing very enticing.

To conclude, BetVisa has made huge progress.. It still has some way to go to be able to impress us and compete with the market leaders. Especially for the level of its odds and its ergonomics.

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