How to Get Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, item frames are a handy decorative feature that allows players to display their prized possessions or showcase valuable items. However, what if you want to take it a step further and have invisible item frames? Well, you’re in luck! While there is no direct way to obtain invisible item frames in the game, there are a few clever techniques and workarounds you can employ to achieve this effect.

One method involves utilizing resource packs or texture packs that modify the appearance of item frames. By selecting a pack that renders item frames as transparent or invisible, you can create the illusion of an invisible item frame. Several Minecraft community websites and forums offer custom resource packs that cater to this specific desire.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more dynamic approach, you can employ command blocks or plugins in Minecraft servers. These powerful tools allow you to modify game mechanics and introduce custom features. By using commands or plugins, you can create invisible item frames or modify their visibility settings to suit your preferences.

It’s worth noting that some of these methods may require basic knowledge of command blocks or server administration, so familiarizing yourself with these concepts is recommended. With a bit of creativity and technical know-how, you can unlock the ability to have invisible item frames in Minecraft, adding a touch of magic and mystery to your world.

Understanding Invisible Item Frames

Before we dive into the methods of obtaining invisible item frames, let’s understand what they are and how they can be used in Minecraft. Item frames are decorative blocks that can hold items, displaying them in a 2D form. They can be placed on walls, floors, or ceilings, allowing players to showcase their valuable items or create unique designs. Invisible item frames, as the name suggests, appear invisible in the game, making it appear as if the item is floating in mid-air.

Invisible item frames are particularly useful for creating minimalist or illusion-based builds, where the focus is on the item rather than the frame itself. They offer a clean and sleek aesthetic that can enhance your Minecraft creations by removing the visual clutter of a visible frame.

Method 1: Using Commands 

One way to obtain invisible item frames in Minecraft is by utilizing commands. Commands allow players to have control over various aspects of the game, including obtaining items and modifying their properties. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get invisible item frames using commands:

  • Open the chatbox in Minecraft by pressing the ‘T’ key.
  • Type ‘/give @p item_frame{Invisible:1}’ and press enter.
  • You will receive an invisible item frame in your inventory.

By using this command, you obtain an invisible item frame directly without needing to craft it. The ‘Invisible:1’ property in the command ensures that the item frame appears invisible in the game. You can then place the invisible item frame on any surface, allowing you to display items without the visible frame obstructing the view.

Method 2: Resource Packs 

Another method to obtain invisible item frames is by utilizing resource packs. Resource packs allow players to customize the game’s textures, sounds, and other visual elements. By modifying the texture of the item frame, you can create an invisible variant. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Locate or create a resource pack for Minecraft. Resource packs are typically stored in the ‘resourcepacks’ folder in the Minecraft directory.
  • Open the resource pack folder and navigate to the ‘assets’ folder.
  • Within the ‘assets’ folder, find or create a ‘minecraft’ folder.
  • Inside the ‘minecraft’ folder, locate or create a ‘textures’ folder.
  • In the ‘textures’ folder, locate or create an ‘item’ folder.
  • Within the ‘item’ folder, find or create a file named ‘frame.png’.
  • Replace the contents of ‘frame.png’ with a fully transparent image. You can use image editing software to create a transparent PNG file.
  • Save the changes to the resource pack and activate it in the Minecraft settings.

By modifying the item frame’s texture to be completely transparent, you effectively create an invisible item frame in the game. You can now use it to display items without any visible frame.


Invisible item frames offer Minecraft players an exciting way to display their items or create unique designs without the visual obstruction of a traditional frame. In this article, we explored two methods to obtain invisible item frames: using commands and modifying resource packs.

By utilizing commands, players can instantly obtain invisible item frames without the need for crafting or resource packs. This method is simple and accessible to all players, regardless of their familiarity with resource pack modifications.

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