How to Make Armour Stand in Minecraft

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In the immersive world of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to showcase their creativity through various constructions and structures. One essential element for organizing and displaying armor sets is the armor stand. An armor stand is a functional and decorative item that allows players to store and exhibit their precious armor pieces in an organized and visually appealing manner.

To create an armor stand, players must gather a few key materials. First and foremost, they will need six sticks, obtained by breaking tree branches. Additionally, one smooth stone slab can be crafted using three smooth stones, which can be obtained by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. Lastly, a single piece of string, obtained from spiders or cobwebs, is required.

Once the materials are collected, the crafting process can begin. Placing the six sticks in two rows on the bottom two rows of the crafting table, and the stone slab in the center of the top row, will yield the desired armor stand.

The armor stand not only serves as an efficient storage solution for armor sets, but it also adds aesthetic value to any Minecraft player’s base or home. It allows for easy access and organization, enabling players to quickly swap between different armor sets for various tasks or challenges. Whether it’s showcasing valuable armor collections or preparing for epic battles, the armor stand is an indispensable tool for every Minecraft adventurer.

Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

Before embarking on your armor stand creation journey, you will need to gather a few key materials. The materials needed to craft an armor stand are as follows:

  • Six Sticks: Sticks can be obtained by breaking tree branches. Simply locate any tree in your Minecraft world and break the wooden blocks. This will yield sticks that you can collect and use for crafting.

  • One Smooth Stone Slab: To create a smooth stone slab, you will need three smooth stones. Smooth stones can be obtained by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. Place cobblestone in the top slot of the furnace and fuel (such as coal or wood) in the bottom slot. Once the cobblestone is smelted, you will receive smooth stone. Repeat this process two more times to acquire three smooth stones. Then, place the smooth stones in a horizontal line in the crafting table to create a smooth stone slab.

  • One String: The final material you need is a piece of string. String can be obtained by killing spiders or breaking cobwebs. Spiders can be found in dark areas, such as caves or during nighttime. Engage in combat with a spider and upon defeating it, you will have a chance to collect string as a drop. Alternatively, you can find cobwebs in abandoned mineshafts or dungeons. Destroying a cobweb will yield string.

Step 2: Crafting the Armor Stand

Now that you have gathered all the required materials, it’s time to put them together and craft your very own armor stand. Follow these steps to create your armor stand:

  • Open your crafting table: Right-click on the crafting table to open it. This will display a 3×3 crafting grid.

  • Arrange the materials: In the crafting grid, place the six sticks in two rows on the bottom two rows. Leave the center column empty.

    • X –
    • X –
    • S S S

    “X” represents the sticks, and “S” represents the smooth stone slab.

  • Add the smooth stone slab: Now, place the smooth stone slab in the center slot of the top row in the crafting grid.

    • S –
    • X –
    • S S S
  • Craft the armor stand: Once you have arranged the materials in the correct pattern, the armor stand will appear in the result box of the crafting table. Simply click on it to collect your newly crafted armor stand.

Step 3: Utilizing the Armor Stand

Congratulations! You have successfully created an armor stand in Minecraft. Now, it’s time to explore the various functions and uses of this versatile item.

  • Displaying Armor: The primary purpose of an armor stand is to showcase your armor sets. To do this, right-click on the armor stand while holding the armor piece you wish to display. The armor piece will be automatically equipped onto the armor stand, creating an aesthetically pleasing display. You can repeat this process with other armor pieces to complete your display.

  • Interacting with the Armor Stand: Right-clicking on the armor stand will open its interaction menu, which allows you to perform various actions:

    • Equipping Armor: By clicking on the armor slots in the interaction menu, you can directly equip armor pieces onto the armor stand.

    • Rotating: The armor stand can be rotated by using the rotation buttons in the interaction menu. This allows you to adjust the position and orientation of the armor pieces for optimal display.

    • Posing: You can pose the armor stand to add further customization to your display. By clicking on the pose button in the interaction menu, you can choose from various preset poses or manually adjust the position of the armor stand’s limbs.

    • Removing Armor: To remove armor pieces from the armor stand, simply right-click on the corresponding armor slot in the interaction menu. The armor piece will be returned to your inventory.

    • Destroying the Armor Stand: If you ever wish to remove or destroy the armor stand itself, you can do so by attacking it. Breaking the armor stand will cause it to drop as an item, which you can collect and reuse or dispose of.

  • Organization and Role-playing: The armor stand is not only a decorative item but also a useful tool for organization and role-playing. You can create different armor stands to represent various character builds or roles in your Minecraft world. This can be particularly helpful when switching between different sets of armor for different tasks or challenges.

  • Redstone and Command Block Interaction: Armor stands can also be interacted with using redstone mechanisms or command blocks. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating automated displays or integrating the armor stand into complex contraptions.


In the immersive world of Minecraft, the armor stand provides both functional and decorative benefits. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this guide, you can easily create your own armor stand and begin organizing and showcasing your valuable armor collections. From displaying your epic battle gear to creating themed character displays, the armor stand adds depth and creativity to your Minecraft adventures. So, gather your materials, put your crafting skills to the test, and let your armor stand serve as a testament to your Minecraft prowess.

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